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Thank you for your patience.


Our small community run pre-school is set in the beautiful village of All Cannings, near Devizes, Wiltshire and offers a high standard of pre-school education for children aged 2-5 years. We are a well resourced pre-school with a high adult to child ratio, where we provide a secure and stimulating environment in which each child is valued and makes a contribution. Emphasis is placed on personal, social and emotional development through which the play-based curriculum is delivered by our experienced, qualified staff. We have access to the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and have a large outside play area, on both hard-standing and grass, with a mucky play area for the children to truly experience the outside life! We have visits to the local park, farms & surrounding countryside, and are included in the primary school events at the Church including Easter and Christmas services. These are a great opportunity to join in with the older kids and perhaps to see siblings! We would love you to join our amazing, messy and happy family!


Our goal is to enhance the social, emotional, intellectual, creative, language & physical development of our Pre-School children through fun and play.


    • To learn through play & fun
    • To provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment
    • To provide a tailored curriculum for both the group and the individual child within the EYFS framework & learning through play
    • To maintain a high adult to child ratio
    • To maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere
    • To function as part of village life
    • To be a springboard for children to venture into the wider world



We will learn to be brave with new experiences or in difficult situations.

We will be part of village life and learn to help others around us.

We will learn to be kind to those around us including little creatures.

We will learn to become confident so that we make good decisions.

We will learn to be truthful in all of our thoughts and actions.

We will learn to express ourselves clearly in both words, feelings and our art.

We will love to learn and find wonder in everything around us.

Learning is fun and knowledge helps us to advance!


We welcome children from the age of 2 years either funded or fee paying. Some 2 year olds are entitled to free education of 15 hours per week provided certain criteria are met while all children aged 3-4 qualify for funding until they start their reception year. For further information please follow this link and you can also speak to any of our wonderful staff for advice.